The Application of RFID Technology in Low - carbon Intelligent Transportation

  • 2019-5-24 22:34:53

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  Some countries and regions have begun to study low-carbon transport measures, such as refining the classification of different standards for the management of vehicles, the use of scientific and technological means and tax system for carbon control. Such as Europe, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Norway, Asia, Singapore, Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia and other countries and regions through the establishment of low-carbon transport area, low emission area, green traffic area, clean demonstration area, etc. To protect the regional air quality, while encouraging the use of clean transport.

   RFID in the construction of low-carbon transport applications include the following parts:

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        Under normal circumstances, the vehicle to 20km / h speed when the exhaust emissions is 40km / h more than doubled. With the electronic environmental protection mark as the carrier, the use of Internet of Things technology, the establishment of intelligent transportation system, the traffic comprehensive information collection, organization, analysis, according to the road congestion traffic control, so that the road network traffic flow in the best condition to improve Traffic congestion, reduce motor vehicle pollution. It is estimated that 15% -20% of motor vehicle pollutants can be reduced.

        2) applied to the bus priority access system

        Electronic environmental protection labels can meet the needs of automatic signal acquisition, for the development of public transport, adhere to the bus priority strategy, the construction of public transport routes and bus priority traffic signal system services. By increasing the speed of public transport, the formation of rapid transit system, thereby enhancing the bus travel rate, reduce the proportion of private cars travel to reduce emissions.

        3) applied to high pollution yellow standard car and no standard car limit line of law enforcement

        High pollution yellow standard car is the discharge standards of less than the country's motor vehicle, no standard car is not the annual environmental protection or environmental protection failed to accept the annual environmental protection signs of vehicles. Yellow and non-standard cars only account for 10% -15% of the total urban motor vehicle, but the emissions of pollutants have reached 50% of the total vehicle emissions, the use of electronic environmental protection signs and networking technology to establish the regional limit System, can achieve the vehicle information system, environmental monitoring system and road access system of the three network, in order to achieve the uniqueness of vehicle logo identification to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the line management.

        4) used in different emission standards for vehicle traffic control

        Pilot congestion charges policy, the establishment of low-carbon traffic area. That is, in the yellow and non-standard car set on the basis of the restricted area, the establishment of only allow new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles, countries and other vehicles such as free access to low-carbon transport areas, other countries I- According to different levels of discharge classification charges.

        5) used in motor vehicle licensing, annual inspection, road inspection environmental verification

        The use of electronic environmental protection signs can effectively achieve the management of environmental protection on the card management, public security read the network audit control to ensure that the 100% of the vehicle on the green standard; can effectively prevent the tail gas inspection and other cheating; check the law enforcement personnel can achieve mobile Law enforcement terminal, remote query vehicle information, on-site investigation of yellow standard car, no standard car, signs of accident vehicles, forged, altered logo car function.

        6) used in traffic pollution intelligent monitoring on-line control system

        To establish the environmental air and motor vehicle pollution monitoring system on both sides of the road, to detect the motor vehicle pollution condition of the urban road network in real time, to combine the intelligent transportation system, and to carry out the intelligent regulation and control of the vehicle traffic by using the electronic environmental protection mark information.

        7) applied to the national motor vehicle pollution control joint control mechanism protection

        The existing paper logo relies on artificial law enforcement, by the traffic police traffic police, environmental protection personnel inspection, high cost of law enforcement, low efficiency, the implementation of difficult, the establishment of a unified national standard and content of the electronic environmental labeling system, Equipment or handheld PDA (environmental protection, police pass), you can achieve the mutual recognition between the signs of the city, and truly achieve the purpose of joint defense.

        8) Used in information sharing in other government departments

        Through the development of environmental protection, public security, transportation, urban construction and other departments of information integration platform to achieve rapid sharing of electronic sign information to achieve the city's integrated vehicle management, such as cross-strong insurance, automatic charges and so on.

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